Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Africa - July 6

Absolutely a fantastic day filled with worshipping! The day began at Daniels church.
We met with the women of the church who have started their own clothing business from the garments Master Provisions has provided them to sell. The women were incredibly grateful for used clothes...makes me feel really guilty and selfish for wanting more! Needless to say...I'll pretty much be leaving everything that I brought for these ladies to sell so they can continue to support and feed their families.
(Photo courtesy of Leah Babik) We were able to worship and sing songs with these wonderful ladies...and my goodness, it was nothing like I've ever seen! The amount of praise, passion and love of the Lord was incredibly evident in that church today!!
I made some rings and attached the Lord's prayer in french to them. I wanted to give them to women I met and chose to bring them today and it was a perfect idea because the women loved them!
When I get home I WILL be starting a clothes drive through my church as well as with my volleyball program to get clothes to send to this community! I fell in love with one of the ladies little girl! She was absolutely all smiles the whole time we played with her! What a cutie!
To end the day our Team spent the evening at another outdoor film. The weather is absolutely beautiful here and the stars are so bright! It's still seems surreal to me that anyone who is reading way back in America can still see the same night sky!

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