Friday, July 20, 2012

Africa - July 10

Woke up this morning to a great treat! Orange juice and ice cubes! It's the first time in a week that I have drank something cold! Crazy that something so simple seems like such a treat!
We traveled to an urban village called Zanguera this afternoon and were able to walk around to different houses and tell people about Jesus and let them know we would be at the church that evening singing and watching a video. We visited a house where the baby was playing in the dirt and the mother was tearing fish with her hands to put in the stew she had brewing on the front porch.
As we were walking around this village we came across two very unique and very different things. The first was a burial site of one of the most important members of the Zanguera village and the other was a Voodoo worshipping area, which made me feel very unsettled inside.
The children in this town have great energy and spirit. As we arrived at the church this young boy said to us clear and very slowly "God Bless You!". It was so cute to see that he learned to say this in English! There was a band at this village, compiled of 3 young boys (8-10ish years old) who had more rhythm and spunk than I've ever seen at that age! One little boy could bust a move and I wanted to enter him onto "So you think you can dance!" :)
The movie that we watched tonight was about this weird voodoo stuff and basically it felt like to me that they were trying to scare the unbelievers in the village into becoming Christians. It would have been a rated R movie in the states for violence and sexual content. There were little children that were allowed to watch this video which seemed crazy to me!

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