Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Africa - July 5

Barely slept at all because it was daytime for my brain and body, that and the fact that there is a lizard on my and Rachel's wall and spiders all over the place! The comfort of a bug net was a blessing.
We started off the day by packing up the van and heading to a small village named Vavati. This village was very small with a population of 50 or so. The house are made out of wood, straw and mud and chickens, pigs and goats roam around.
Prior to Daniel Kpowbie (our mission leader in Africa) coming to the village and telling them about Jesus, they believed in Voodooism. Almost the whole village are Christians now and believe that the Lord is their savior. Giving these people the clothes, flip flops and sports equipment seemed like the highlight of the year! It makes me realize how fortunate and spoiled I really am. The kids were absolutely in love with the volleyball that we gave them! These Togolanise people were amazingly spiritual and praised God like nothing I've ever seen.
The second village was called Kpeta and was much larger. When we showed up all the kids basically started running to see what was going on! For anyone who knows me...knows this was the highlight of my day! We were able to worship with them as well and share salvation bracelets with all of the little ones.
This community received 2 volleyball, a soccer ball, football and volleyball net. It is amazing how excited all the kids got! My favorite part was listening to two guys about my age (speak in French) about how they were going to rig up the net between a pole and a tree. Didn't matter to them that right where they were describing had 2 large boulders in the way. :).
I got to hold me first African young girl today and hopefully will not be my last!
The night ended with a movie about the alley way, outside, under the stars and packed filled with people from Daniels church.
My first day in Africa...absolutely out of my element and comfort zone yet absolutely spiritual and amazing! What I learned today... Things... That's just what they are!

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