Sunday, July 22, 2012

Africa - July 15 & 16

Togo rain was incredible this morning! We woke up to a very bad rainfall! Because the amount of people who drive to church in Togo is very minimal, church was cancelled due to people not being able to make it. Our team decided to have the church service in Daniels home. The 9 of us as well as Daniel and his crew of Christian friends/family...we went ahead and did our own service! What an fantastically spiritual service! We even took communion with bread and wine (crystal light.)
The pot holes in the streets are filled and Rachel and I had the pleasure of having our bedroom flood! We cleaned up everything really quickly but I must have had an unlucky moment because pretty much everything I brought was soaked! 4 fans and 8 hours later I was able to pack everything up for the trip home. We said goodbye to all the women and children (i cried) and Roger and Leah (they are headed to Ghana and Niger.) The Togo airport was quite the experience but everything went well and we headed for Paris! Once we arrived here we said our goodbyes to Niki and Kristina, who were catching a direct flight to Cincinnati. Thank goodness I was able to sleep a little on that flight because as I'm typing this I have officially been traveling for almost 36 hours with little to no sleep after that cat nap. The 8 hour flight from Paris to New York went really well and I was able to finish the book I started called Redeeming Love (Thanks Angie, it was awesome!). Arriving in New York was exciting because Rachel, Rebekah and myself decided to venture into Times Square. We took a train into the city and then walked 8 blocks so we could see all the excitement! Even though we only had an hour and a half it was totally worth it!
The second half of the trip did not go as well. As Rachel and I got back to the airport our flight to Seattle was delayed, so we decided to get Starbucks for the flight back. Right as we were heading back to our gate the door was closing...we had missed the flight. We bagged and pleated with the lady to let us in but they had overbooked the flight and only 1 seat was available. Rachel and I decided that it would be better if she went because she had a friend and her parents waiting for her at the airport. So, the emotional roller coaster of an evening began. I was able to get on 4 different stand by lists to make it home to Seattle before my connecting flight to Wenatchee. God is good because not only did I get on the first flight direct to Seatac, but I sat next to a Christian women who wanted to know all about my trip! Head wind made us arrive at the airport early and I was able to hustle through the airport in time to make my connection! Short trip back to Wenatchee...and I am home! Amazing trip, amazing friends...God is GOOD! "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

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