Sunday, July 22, 2012

Africa - July 12

After breakfast our team went to the "playground" for the final time today to play some games, sing songs and give the kids salvation bracelets. Just the littlest gifts makes these kids so excited! I wish that kids in the US would have joy out of the simpler things in life! We taught these kids: red rover red rover and red light/green light. We figured out the hard way that playing red rover with 3 year old and 10 year olds in the same group is not the greatest only took a few crying babies! :) Leah, Rebekah and myself stayed back from the evangelism at the beach today to teach the women some creative ideas of things that they could sew out of the clothes Master Provisions sent them that they cannot use to sell. MP did such an amazing thing by sending them 17 tons of clothing that they were able to get donated back in the states. Some of the clothing did not sell and so we taught them how to make little girls dresses out of large old decorative t-shirts and purses out of old worn out shirts. It was amazing to see them light up once they realized there was a vision for the items. Selling these items for the families is a way of life...
I admire the women that are around this house so much. They are here all day long cooking, cleaning, sewing, stuffing pillows to sells yet still have so much love in their hearts. While we were teaching some sewing techniques we were dancing, singing and laughing with the women. I will absolutely miss these women when it is time to go, most of them are around my same age and I have really built friendships with them. Having a language barrier I thought would be really hard...however, smiling and laughing is the same all over the world.

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