Sunday, July 22, 2012

Africa - July 11

A very relaxed morning at the house! I felt pretty crappy for the first time this morning but thank the Lord it only lasted for a little while! Our trip for this day was to a village called Adamavo which was an hour and a half away, but on the beach of the Gulf of Guinea. The roads here (if you can call them that) are made of dirt and have huge pot holes in them because of the rain. It takes triple the time to get anywhere because there are no rules or laws to the roads...people are just driving everywhere! For the majority of the time our team has been here we have been piling 10 people into 7 person vehicle.
At this village we were able to sing songs with the littles ones, get a picture of the coolest soccer goal posts ever and experience the outdoor bathrooms (obviously Rachel is just pretending!)
I have a bruise on my booty from riding on the center console! This group is crazy just like my family and we sing the entire time we are in the car. Our translators think its hilarious! We sang "row, row, row your boat" the other day and now the driver (Dagadzei aka Ata) requests it every time we get into the car! It's the jam he says! I met the sweetest little girl today. She just walked up to me and put her arms up so I was able to hold her for about 2 hours while we watched a movie. She fell asleep in my arms and it just melted my heart!
I was chatting with Rachel a little concerned that this young of a child could not be potty trained and was a little nervous that she was going to tinkle on my lap! Just as we were talking about that the girl started talking to me in Ewe and then hoped off my lap, pulled down her undies, squatted and peed in the sand right infront of me. It was the oddest yet most precious thing I've ever seen! As the movie ended the mother who was carrying another baby on her back came to me, grabbed her baby and thanked me! That is not something that you would see in the states...letting a stranger hold your baby for hours...but I must have looked innocent to her! :D I love me some little African babies!

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